“有一个应用程序可以解决这个问题” – only a few years ago a catchy marketing campaign introduced the world to a new relationship with the mobile phone. 现在,应用程序已经成为BG集团大多数人的一种生活方式. 无论是手机还是网络, apps 和 their underlying APIs are how we manage our lives, 购物, 社交, 消息灵通, 与客户互动.

你是开发人员吗?? 如果是的话,直接俯冲 在BG集团的教程 或者去学习 BG大游集团是如何工作的. 如果没有,请继续阅读!


BG大游集团是 这是一家公司成为应用程序公司的最快途径. BG大游集团是一个 service that enables companies to spend their time developing 和 deploying apps that immediately start producing value.

An app starts impacting the world when customers start interacting with it. 将应用推向市场, 在互联网上迅速传播, 和迭代, 快, 是什么决定了公司的成败.

Heroku focuses relentlessly on apps 和 the developer 经验 around apps. Heroku lets companies of all sizes embrace the value of apps, 不是硬件的干扰, 也不会分心的服务器——虚拟的或其他的.


BG大游集团是 一个了不起的开发人员 经验. BG大游集团在重要的地方闪开, letting devs get on with what they do best - developing apps.

Great apps come from developers using tools 和 languages they love. That’s why a great developer 经验 has always been at the very heart of what we do. We embrace the languages of the modern app economy: 节点, Ruby, Java, Scala, PHP 和 more.

Heroku完成了部署的过程, 配置, 扩展, 调优, 和 managing apps as simple 和 straightforward as possible, so that developers can focus on what’s most important: building great apps that delight 和 engage customers.

部署和维护应用程序应该是无摩擦的 这些能力应该成为公司DNA的一部分.



200 +附加服务

BG大游集团是 一个建立在信任和安全之上的公司. Trust is the responsibility of each 和 every employee, 和 one we take very seriously.

Trust 和 transparency are core principles at Heroku - see our 地位的网站 例如. BG集团提供持续的威胁监测, automatic 和 seamless operating system vulnerability patching, 和不间断的行动.


BG大游集团是 一个数据和应用程序的平台——提供一个安全的, scalable database-as-a-service with tons of developers tools like database followers, 分叉, 数据夹和自动运行状况检查.

Data lies at the heart of any significant app — whether it's customer data or data about the service it provides — an app 和 its data go h和 in h和. Heroku丰富的生态系统 数据管理服务 包括 Heroku Postgres, Heroku复述,Heroku上的Apache Kafka.

开发人员 shouldn't need to discover how to optimally provision a database through trial 和 error - but instead have immediate access to a scalable, highly available database with rollback - one that supports their apps 和 development style.



BG大游集团是 云服务的生态系统, which can be used to instantly extend applications with fully-managed services.

使用现有的, high-quality service is something that empowers developers - they can build more, 快, by using trusted services that provide the functionality that they require.

Heroku 附加组件 are fully-managed services, integrated for use with Heroku. 它们可以在一个命令中配置和缩放, 和 let developers extend the capabilities of an application.

超过200个附加组件可用, providing services ranging from databases to uptime alerts, 消息服务或自动备份搜索, 度量标准或邮件交付.

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BG大游集团是 a suite of enterprise features that extends the Heroku developer 经验 through to the enterprise - providing enterprise level control, 应用程序套件的支持和可见性.

Whether a 2-person startup or a 10,000-person enterprise, Heroku makes it easy for apps to scale. Not just in terms of ensuring your apps stay up - but also in terms of how apps are managed.

Imagine apps as collaborative - developers working together on the same app - sharing resources - 和 a 公司 having a shared application portfolio with dedicated teams, 插件共享, 细粒度的访问控制, 支持sla和Heroku企业客户团队.



Heroku 简化基础设施规划, giving you one scalable platform 和 flexible pricing to support your evolving business.

BG大游集团是一个 proven solution for growing companies, from startups to SMBs to large enterprises. The platform adapts to your requirements at every stage — use only what you need today, 当您需要更多功能时,可以添加高级功能.

Heroku offers pricing options for apps 和 organizations of all sizes. As your app grows, scale up the resources you need 和 pay only for what you consume.



BG大游集团是 tightly integrated with Salesforce - providing seamless Heroku和Salesforce data synchronization, enabling companies to architect innovative apps that span both platforms.

BG大游集团是Salesforce平台的一部分, enabling enterprises to store 和 leverage customer data in Salesforce for full-cycle CRM engagement. Some enterprises go even further - storing 和 integrating with customer data in Salesforce enables full-cycle CRM engagement. Heroku提供 seamless Heroku Postgres 和 Salesforce Data synchronization enabling organizations to go beyond the usual data architectures 和 combine the capabilities of the Lightning Platform 和 Heroku.

Imagine building modern applications that selectively sync data to Salesforce, 启用服务云和销售云工作流.



BG大游集团是 一个让公司建立的云平台, 交付, monitor 和 scale apps — we're the 快est way to go from idea to URL, 绕过了所有那些基础设施的难题.

  • Apps are transformative — apps are how customers now engage with companies.
  • 开发者是应用成功的关键.
  • Security 和 operations are what Heroku does well — we do this to allow companies to focus on what matters: the app.
  • Data is at the heart of any app — 和 Heroku提供 a secure, scalable database-as-a-service.
  • Ecosystems matter - Heroku提供 over 200 附加组件 with which to instantly extend applications
  • Enterprise level controls lets companies support 和 manage portfolios of applications.
  • Heroku随着不断发展的业务需求而成长, offering flexible pricing for apps 和 organizations of all sizes.
  • Seamless Heroku和Salesforce data synchronization makes it easy to build innovative apps that span both platforms.