Heroku流 汇集了Heroku管道,评论应用程序, Heroku CI and Git中心 integrations into an easy-to-use structured workflow for continuous delivery.

App-centric continuous delivery, optimized for developers


Organize your pipeline by connecting your Git中心 repo, then automatically or manually placing your Heroku apps in dev, 登台或生产环境. Simultaneously develop features on dev branches that are reflected by disposable 审查 apps, 使用Heroku CI在每一次推送到Git中心上运行测试, 合并将请求, 自动部署到暂存, 并控制谁能促进生产.


Always know where a particular feature is on the path to 生产 with the real-time 管道 overview in the Heroku Dashboard. The 管道 overview provides a single page view of the current relationships between apps, giving your team the state of 发展 across all your environments. With Heroku CI you can see every test run resulting from a push to Git中心.


对于每一个打开的拉请求, Heroku can spin up a complete disposable environment called a Review App on a unique URL. Every push to a branch in Git中心 triggers Heroku CI to run tests. Now everyone can contribute to feature testing early in the product life cycle for speedier decisions and better quality. You can keep 暂存 and 生产 environments identical to catch flaws before your users do.


When combined with Heroku管道, 回顾应用程序 and Git中心集成, Heroku的团队 and ChatOps make it even easier to embrace continuous delivery. With Heroku的团队 members with the right permissions can collaborate on changes within a Pipeline. Heroku ChatOps makes communication much easier by posting notifications of code changes and deployments associated with a Pipeline in Slack. Team members can see Heroku CI results, deploy to apps in a pipeline, much more from Slack.

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Heroku流 brings together six key capabilities for continuous delivery



管道 is a way to organize a group of Heroku apps sharing the same codebase into 审查, 发展, 暂存, 生产 environments to support, manage and visualize continuous delivery. Promoting tested code from one stage to the next can be done manually or automatically and is nearly instantaneous, since the compiled artifact is promoted to the next stage. The 管道 overview page in the Heroku Dashboard tracks the real-time progress of code and features from 发展 to 生产. Heroku管道文档→

Heroku CI

Heroku CI

Heroku CI is a low-configuration test runner that integrates with Heroku管道. Heroku CI runs your test scripts with zero queue time for faster results, using disposable apps that have strong parity with your 暂存 and 生产 environments. 从Heroku或Git中心访问测试结果, 根据CI结果有条件地自动化部署, take advantage of a fully visual interface built to support CI’s role in team-based continuous delivery. Heroku CI docs→



应用程序被用来提出建议, 讨论, decide whether or not to merge changes to your code base. 对于连接到Git中心的Heroku应用, you can manually spin up a temporary test app or automate it based on a unique URL for every opened pull request (PR). 合并PR会破坏评论应用, 当与Heroku管道一起使用时, 自动将代码提升到暂存. 用户还可以利用Review App API, Heroku平台API的扩展, to more easily automate workflows or use 回顾应用程序 with different CI tools. Heroku审查程序 docs→

Heroku Git中心集成


Connect your Git中心 repo to a Heroku app to either manually or automatically deploy a particular branch on every Git中心 push. For every deploy you can see the diff between the current release and the previous commit in the app’s Activity tab in the Heroku Dashboard, 你永远猜不到应用上有什么代码. If you’ve configured your Git中心 repo to use an external continuous integration (CI) server, you can configure Heroku to only auto-deploy a branch after CI passes for a particular commit. Git中心集成文档→

Heroku ChatOps

Heroku ChatOps

Heroku ChatOps uses the power of Heroku管道 to bring a collaborative deployment workflow to Slack. It enables developers to deploy to 暂存 or promote to 生产 from Slack. With Heroku ChatOps teams can keep track of all code changes within their Slack room. 把请求的通知, merges 和CI build results all show up in Slack so no context switching is needed to see build results or check if promoting to 生产 was successful. Heroku ChatOps文档→



发布阶段 lets you run tasks before a release is deployed to 生产, 消除维护窗口, 降低部署风险. 迁移数据库, 上传资产到CDN, invalidate a cache or run any other task your app needs to be ready for 生产. 如果发布阶段任务失败, 未部署新版本, leaving the current 生产 release unaffected. 发布阶段文档→

Heroku的CI / CD的工具, 像审查程序, 管道, 和CI, allow us to maintain quality standards internally, as well as enable regional physicians to test localized versions of the app right from their browser.”


“It was quick and easy to set up our CI/CD workflow on Heroku. The platform’s tools save us time, as a startup, we need to optimize for time.”

Marc Vanderstigel

“Heroku审查程序 are a fantastic way of collaborating with clients and managing acceptance testing. 无论客户在哪里, we can easily share new features in 发展 for quick feedback or approval.”


“Heroku发布阶段 has replaced the need to manually run database migrations, as well as update our Elastic搜索 schema during deployment. It helps to automate our deploys and makes it easier to get code out the door.”