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的 Heroku 元素 市场 offers easily-integrated technical solutions that support every stage of app development and operation. You'll find complex services that extend the Heroku platform, tools that streamline your workflow, packaged code that's deployed with the push of a button, 和BG集团. Some elements are created and managed by Heroku, while others are contributed by ecosystem partners, open source communities, or individual developers.

元素 市场 provides a simple way for developers to add the technologies they need to get their apps up and running quickly and efficiently. Choose from thousands of elements available, or learn how to 创建自己的.


Heroku附加组件 are fully-managed cloud services for building, operating, or managing apps. 附加组件 are integrated into your Heroku platform experience, giving you easy access to extended functionality and centralized control. Install new add-ons from the Heroku Dashboard or CLI, and manage all billing, 权限, and configurations from a single Heroku account. With many free add-on plans available, you can easily experiment with new services before making a decision. 的re are 200+ add-on services available, with new add-ons added to our marketplace regularly.

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A Heroku Button is a bundle of source code combined with a tiny set of instructions that allows you to automatically configure and deploy an app. A button deploys your code from a particular repository with a simple click, without leaving the web browser. Use Heroku按钮 to deploy popular open source projects, create repeatable templates for common tasks, or easily allow others to preview your app. Choose from over 7,200 Heroku按钮 available, or easily 创建自己的.

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Heroku Buildpacks

A Heroku Buildpack is a set of easily-modifiable scripts that install dependencies and compile your source code so that your app can run on the Heroku平台. Buildpacks extend Heroku's generic build system to support a specific language or framework, or to make operating system or binary packages available to the runtime. We provide eight officially supported and curated buildpacks for popular languages. 你可以很容易地 创建自己的 buildpack or choose from over 7,800 supported by the community.

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“I love the vast array of Heroku附加组件 that let you quickly plug in a service and enhance your app. Everything is point and click, and you don't have to spend time figuring out infrastructure.”

Engineering Manager, ZeroCater
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“Our team loves how easy it is to browse the Heroku 元素 marketplace and see what add-ons they can try. In less than 5 minutes an add-on is installed and working — it's fantastic.”

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Spiro Technologies
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“的 rich selection of Heroku附加组件 available from Heroku 元素 enables our developers to focus on building sites that deliver compelling and authentic brand experiences.”

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Interactive Technology Manager, Brown-Forman

"Heroku 元素 represents the state of the art when it comes to giving developers the ability to discover add-on services like New Relic to leverage the power of software analytics and more."

SVP Business Development, New Relic
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Heroku 元素 is the comprehensive, go-to source for everything you need to support your app's development and operations on the Heroku platform, with centralized management and billing.

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Most developers don't have time to build every app component from the ground up. Heroku 元素 offers fully-managed, plug-in solutions from dedicated ecosystem partners.

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Heroku 元素 let you extend the Heroku build system and easily hook into the Heroku deployment machinery.

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Discover the broad range of add-ons, 按钮, and buildpacks available in the Heroku 元素 市场.

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